Message to our foreign partners

The projects of the Zelar Foundation are based on health, culture and art, which are complimentary to each other and essential for the development  of the children, so they can be cultured, healthy and educated adults in the future.

When we think about the future, our target is to prepare the young adults providing them occupational training, such as administrative activities, baking classes and introducing them to the new technologies.

In the cultural area we will provide the children graffiti classes, which is paintings that are made in the streets here in Brazil and the artists are paid or sponsored by companies and the government to decorate the streets with their pieces of art that are painted in the walls of the cities. Furthermore we will provide them dance classes and instrument classes, so that they can develop their body awareness and motor coordination.

Nevertheless we will encourage them to practice group and individual sports, to improve their group skills and heath and we will also give them psychologicalsupport through open forums and panels about sexuality, nutrition and universal youth themes.

Our Foundation receives donations from individuals and companies and we accept every other kind of collaboration.

For further information you can contact us by our page on Facebook, by e-mail or you can leave a comment here on our posts.